Kodsnack 584 - A free deadline in September, with Malin Sundberg and Kai Dombrowski

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Fredrik is joined by Malin Sundberg and Kai Dombrowski for a quick chat about the Deep dish Swift conference, the past and present of Mercury weather, their next app project, and what might happen at Apple’s WWDC in June.

The first big topic is the developer conference Deep dish Swift. Malin and Kai not only participated in the conference itself, but also created the Slices podcast, interviewing the speakers of the conference. How are indie developers different from each other, and why might it be a bad idea for Malin and Kai to do a regular podcast with Charlie Chapman?

We then dig into the evolution of Mercury weather since the last episode - especially the trip forecast feature. Yes: timezones were a big part of the challenge. The secret marketing advantage of having a Mac version of your IOS app.

Next Malin and Kai talk about their movie industry project - an app for planning shoot days for movies and TV. A project which has given them lots of insight into the quirks of a whole new industry, and made them see whole different things in movies they watch.

We revisit our use of VR for work and gaming. VR of course shades naturally into bringing Mercury to Vision pro - a quick process, but some interesting adjustments were required.

With WWDC fast approaching, we talk wishes and ideas. What would we like the Ipad to become? We do some interesting speculation about Apple’s coming focus on “AI” and how that might work together with apps. Fredrik should perhaps spend some time on his Mac app?

Finally, Malin and Kai reveal their summer project: a kanban-style workflow tracking app. Done with paper cuts!

Also: good deadlines. If Apple gives you one for free, you take it!

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