Kodsnack 542 - The whole software is in your hand, with Daniel Eke

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Fredrik chats with Daniel Eke about creative visual coding, learning through side projects, and a lot more. The discussion revolves around Daniel’s apps: the visualizer Ferromagnetic, polygon drawing tool Handstract, and photo polygonizer Centroid.

Code lets you create art which is interactive and immersive in a way many other art forms can’t.

Develop your side projects so that you save time - re-use code, structure it in ways which make things easy and fast for you.

Focus on hard problems rather than getting all caught up in low-hanging fruit and simple feature requests.

Learn the systems you are using, look at others to learn more tricks.

Try stuff out, and don’t worry too much about the tools. Build it inside something you already have. Or, use Apple’s Shortcuts - that might be much easier than setting up some service to run a script.

The magic of programming is that you can create something valuable by thinking through problems and expressing the solution in code.

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