Kodsnack 512 - Enrich the graphics, with Denis Radin

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Recorded at the Øredev 2022 developer conference, Fredrik chats with Denis Radin about React, Webgpu, standards development, coding standards, and a lot more.

We start way back, with early React development - while React was still in beta, on amazingly bad hardware. A project where focus was actually on optimization and education instead of throwing hardware at solving the performance problem.

We discuss AI art generation a bit, and how it affects our world.

Denis then gets into how Webgpu is different from Webgl, mostly a lot better for a lot more use cases.

What’s holding back really cool graphical things in the browser now? Getting paid!

Denis tells us about the development of the Webgpu standard, a unique standard which filled a gap major players all wanted filling.

What if we applied NASA coding guidelines to Javascript? Denis did it to show that Javascript can be taken as seriously as C or other low-level languages, if we just want to. Do we web developers have more to internalize when it comes to pride in craftmanship? But examples are out there if we just know to look for them.

What does Denis think of React’s evolution?

Finally, fullstack frameworks are coming and exciting. They are a revolution for Denis' side projects already!

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