Kodsnack 338 - A tough battle for AR, with Azad Balabanian

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Recorded at Øredev 2019, Fredrik talks to Azad Balabanian about virtual and augmented worlds. Azad works with photogrammetry - a process of capturing environments and objects for, among onther possibilities, use in VR and AR. He also hosts the Research VR podcast and dives deep into all aspects of virtual realities.

We start with discussing photogrammetry, how it works and what its challenges currently are for those wanting to get into scanning environments on top of just photographing or filming them.

Then we discuss how AR is or is not coming along and how to get a feel for what might be coming - by going to hardware conferences and piecing together what different companies are developing. AR has a lot of promise, but it is still a long way from being something you really could imagine wearing all day. There are promising initial use cases, but we are still looking for real consumer killer apps and hardware.

We then gradually move over into VR, games, good experiences and how room space and motion sickness are perhaps not the big problems people imagined at the start. Fredrik gets excited by how close most of us regular computer users may actually be to being able to work in VR.

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