Kodsnack 141 - We end up with everybody being better

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Fredrik talks to Sallyann Freudenberg - “Agile/Lean coach and practitioner, psychology of software development researcher, neuro-diversity advocate, ageing punk-rocker.” - about her research into pair programming, offices for everyone and how people actually (do not) split work when pair programming.

We also discuss what makes an expert an expert? What are lists and verbalization really good for? Research versus practise and how and what each side can learn from the other. And why the rift is there in the first place. The goals and methods of the two groups are pretty different.

We talked ina surprisingly noisy hotel lobby, so apologies for all the background noise. The conversation is clear enough that further filtering mostly made everything sound worse.

This episode was recorded during the developer conference Øredev 2015, where Sallyann gave a keynote presentation.

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