Kodsnack 136 - You can do all of this with the brain of a sesame seed

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This episode is a little special. It is kind of bonus material for the Øredev conference of 2015. In it, you will hear Tim Urban and Torill Kornfeldt discuss artificial intelligence, life extension and the differing mindsets of technology and biology.

Tim Urban is the writer of Wait but why, a fantastic website of deep dives into topics like artificial intelligence, Tesla and SpaceX but also softer topics like procrastination and the fear of what other people think.

Torill Kornfeldt is a biologist and science journalist who is currently working on a book about de-extinction - the bringing back of extinct species.

We call this bonus material because you probably want some background in order to enjoy their conversation to its fullest. We highly recommend watching both their Øredev keynotes, and Tim’s ideas are of course well covered on Wait but why as well.

The conversation was recorded on stage at the conference and is also available in video form. Unfortunately there is some buzzing in the audio which I’ve done my best to filter out in this version. That’s why it sounds pretty processed. Special thanks to Stephen Chin of nighthacking.com for providing all the tech and expertise which made this recording possible!

We are so happy this conversation came together and how it turned out, pure audio quality aside, and we hope you will enjoy it too!