Kodsnack 535 - Let's make something number one, with Cliff Hazell

Ladda ner (mp3)

Recorded at the Øredev 2022 developer conference, Fredrik chats with Cliff Hazell about connecting the whole organization as it grows, priorities, and more.

Don’t just sit around in your room and think about horses. Talking across silos and departments, all without overloading everyone with meetings? Learn to surf rather than trying to control the ocean. Make good changes and enable flexibility without making process out of everything.

Just making something top priority and finishing it can get you so much more done, rather than trying to make everything number one, or think forever about which thing to prioritize.

How is something we are doing actually moving us toward our goals?

Wrapping up by discussing combining doing good work with taking responsibility for our impact on the team, the company, and the world. It’s not that you either can do good or make money.

Finally, related to one of Øredev’s keynotes , Fredrik admits his annoyance at the fact that deadlines can be a good thing.

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