Kodsnack 445 - The momentum of developer love, with Guy Podjarny

Ladda ner (mp3)

This episode is sponsored by Snyk. Fredrik talks to Snyk founder and president Guy Podjarny about building security tools for developers, tools which you will actually use and enjoy.

Guy talks about how Snyk was built to bring developer focus into security, building with a great focus on the user instead of on the person paying the bills for tools or looking at the reports. The world may not stop revolving around developers - meaning we need to cover wider and wider areas of knowledge - but we need to accept the responsibility of this, and use good tools to enable us to build better things more easily and take on all that responsibility in a good way.

Guy describes Snyk’s suite of tools and how they are built to be maximally useful and convenient to developers. Security problems and their fixes can be as easy as fixing a spelling mistake if built right! Snyk’s tools can look at the whole application and understand the context. They can look at node_modules and filter out the problems which actually do not affect your app, and suggest appropriate fixes for the problems which do.

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