Kodsnack 429 - This is a meetup, with Harald Achitz

Ladda ner (mp3)

Kristoffer chats with Harald Achitz about test-driven development, Djinni, meetups, and the standardization of C++.

How does Harald do TDD? His focus on code coverage plays a role too. Clouds make it easier to skip tests, because everything becomes part of a big puzzle which only lives in production? Building habits are the big thing, not which actual tools you use and whether they can be used everywhere.

Then, we discuss Djinni - a interface definition language and code generator for integrating C++ into applications written in other languages.

The discussion then moves on to the C++ meetups Harald arranges, another aspect of solving the difficult social side of programming by networking and sharing information. Harald also puts the presentations on Youtube and is fascinated by how accessible the tools are nowadays for recording, producing and publishing video these days. The C++ meetup paused during the pandemic, and we discuss the pros and cons of moving to online meetups.

Finally, we discuss the standardization process of C++, and the possibility of forming a local C++ body for Sweden to be involved in the standardization process. We should be interested in getting involved in the standard, both as developers, companies, and industries. Get in touch with Harald if you have ideas and want to help things happen!

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