Kodsnack 396 - Not as distributed as you'd like it to be, with Dave Jones

Ladda ner (mp3)

Fredrik chats with Dave Jones of Podcast index - a new open podcast directory and API, and also one of the drivers of a new podcasting namespace for RSS.

Podcasting as infrastructure has not advanced much at all in a long time. Dave, Adam and Podcast index wants to preserve podcasting as free and distributed, and also advance what the ecosystem can be - such as providing value.

The namespace contains down-to-earth things such as chapters and location tags, but also much more ambitious ideas. Part of the vision is to reimagine podcasting as a platform of value where listeners can more easily and naturally support not only podcasters, but also app developers and anyone else who might be involved. This is where the value tag and cryptocurrencies enter the picture.

We also discuss programming languages a bit - what it takes to entice you to really get into a programming language. Perhaps the specific languages we use are no longer as critical as they used to be?

How hard is it to set up your own podcast directory? Not that hard, says David, but keeping it within a sane budget can take some balancing. And if everyone supported Websub things wouldn’t be nearly as tricky.

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