Kodsnack 279 - Going to the supermarket alone, with Rikke Koblauch

Ladda ner (mp3)

Recorded at Øredev 2017, Fredrik talks to Rikke Koblauch about social anxiety, turning a passion into a side project and possibly even a living eventually. One of Rikke’s examples is Steps - the service Rikke is creating to help overcome social anxiety. How can we make environments more inclusive in a world which seems very designed for extroverts? Healtcare and preventive tools - wouldn’t everything be better if we all could get help and tools easily before small health problems turn into big ones? Rikke has worked with the Danish mental health fund and shares some experience on getting support from and working with large government organizations. We also talk a bit about how to avoid burning out on passion projects should they become popular and generate excitement from others. Perhaps we need to manage our own expectations of ourselves better?

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