Kodsnack 263 - The NPM of CPP

Ladda ner (mp3)

From Swampup 2018, Tobias and his colleague Tamás Szelei summarize the conference, their impressions and the talks. Liquid software, mentalists, talks way over your head and speakers who are an aquired taste.

Then, Tobias and Jerry Wiltse discuss Bincrafters and their work on creating packages for Conan. The quest to make Conan the NPM of C++.

Finally Tobias chats with Diego Rodriguez-Losada - who discussed Conan in episode 198 - about his experience of the conference and the Conan aspect and community in particular. Conan’s two user groups - the open source side who basically wants Conan to be the NPM of C++, and the enterprise side with people like Tobias, who are interested in controlling their whole stack without relying on external packages and want to control of the whole toolchain.

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