Kodsnack 157 - I have no idea what a startup is

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Live on stage at Startup arena 2016 in Gothenburg, Fredrik talks to Bob Jelica, Johannes Tveitan and Magnus Gudmundsson and try to nail down just what a startup is and what working for one means.

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  • I don’t do coding anymore
  • I have no idea what a startup is
  • A small company trying to do something
  • Spending someone else’s money
  • Does everyone have to disrupt shit?
  • Pivot, come on, pivot
  • Infinite hours for minimum wage
  • You should have started by then
  • We need to burn some people
  • You have passion for this now
  • Real passion is contagious
  • Riding the unicorn
  • Watch out for the unicorn riders
  • The luxury of chasing the dream
  • Suddenly we did know shit
  • Stop disrupting shit
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